Come experience authentic Japanese hot pot cuisine at our restaurant in Melbourne! Our menu reflects traditional recipes mixed with modern twists from all over Japan. We prepare dishes using what’s in season and ensure you’ll get the perfect taste from every ingredient on your plate!

At Momo Sukiyaki & Shabu Shabu, we serve one giant pot at each table filled with broth. You can mix in raw ingredients like thinly-sliced beef, pork, seafood, or vegetables- anything goes- then cook it all together in this wonderful blend of flavours! Once everything has been cooked, feel free to top it with some dressing sauce to season it up even more!

You can choose between two Japanese styles; sukiyaki soup base is thicker, while shabu shabu soup is lighter. Both are mouth-watering creations for those who know how deep Japanese cuisines are in delivering great flavours.

Japanese & Local Wagyu


We serve genuine A5 Wagyu Beef imported from Japan and M10 Australian Wagyu Beef! These juicy beef slices take no time to cook and taste incredibly delicious with our broth! We’re one of the few restaurants serving Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu with authentic Wagyu Beef in Melbourne – can’t find another place like ours!

Fresh Seafood

Ocean-fresh Seafood & High quality sashimi

We serve the freshest seafood and exquisite sashimi. Melt-in-your-mouth sashimi and vibrant seafood, all part of our dedication to delivering top-quality dining. With hotpots and delightful dishes, we blend tradition and innovation, offering you an unforgettable culinary adventure where every bite is a fresh delight.


Various Japanese & Local Wine and drinks

A great meal is not complete without drinks! We serve rare, unique liquors and wines sourced worldwide – especially for sake, we import it straight from Japan. We have over 100 types of Sake, Shochu, Umeshu, and more. Aside from alcohol, we also have our special house-blend Japanese tea and fresh juice!